Converter/Inverter Design Services

      At eTAZ Systems, we have extensive experience in the design and development of switch mode power supplies (SMPS) and Power Electronic Design Services for a variety of applications. 

    Our SMPS and Power Electronic designs are optimized for a variety of environments, including high-efficiency, high power density, and harsh industrial conditions. We provide testing services to guarantee design adherence to requirements.

     Analysis of power electronic circuit topologies and  selection of appropriate topology for the specific application.

 Our team of experienced engineers specializes in the design and simulation of SMPS, utilizing advanced techniques such as: 

 1. Detailed design of the power stage, including selection of power semiconductor devices, passive components, and   power semiconductor devices, passive components, and control and protection circuits.

 2. Design and optimization of the control and feedback circuit to ensure stable and efficient operation.

 3. Analysis and design of the power transformer and other passive components to ensure compliance with safety and   EMI standards.

 4. Simulation and testing of the designed SMPS using  specialized equipment and techniques such as load and line   simulation, thermal analysis, and EMI/EMC testing.

     Our SMPS designs have been used in a variety of industries, including industrial, automotive, and renewable energy systems. We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects on time and within budget, and we are committed to ongoing learning and professional development to stay at the forefront of SMPS technology. Contact us today to discuss your SMPS design needs and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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