Project 3

Feeder Protection Relay for HV Feeders

      Our team, with their expertise in architecture, R&D, schematics, BOM and DSP, delivered a solution that met the client’s requirements. The relay was designed for earth faults, short circuiting, over voltage and over-load protection. It collects real-time data from CTs and PTs and acts as  per definite minimum time/inverse definite minimum time to mitigate the fault by sending a cutoff signal to Circuit Breaker. The relay communicates to other devices through RS-485 MOD-Bus RTU. It has a number of boards including a Binary Input and MOD Bus, CT Board, Mechanical Relay Board, and Relay Controller Board. The system architecture design was carried out in accordance with the user requirement document. The communication interfaces used were IIC, RS232, RS485 and SPI.

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